F*ck Yes Series

Fingers - Fck Yes


“F*ck Yes” is a modern sex ed series focused on improving communication (and sex) between consenting adults.

There is an enormous gap between the kind of sex that people see in pornography — which, unfortunately, serves as sex ed for many people — and the often tepid sex that’s deemed appropriate for television. The gap between the two is a special space we want to fill with more humane stories about genuine intimacy and human connection. “F*ck Yes” is an opportunity to offer more honest depictions of sex and sexuality— the playfulness, the awkwardness — sometimes even the sadness and disappointment — and, ultimately, the delight.

For “F*ck Yes” we’ve teamed up with a fantastic group of female filmmakers – Emily Best, Erica Anderson, Elisabeth Aultman, Eve Cohen, Lauren Schacher & Blessing Yen.

Season One is below. Season Two coming at you in 2017.