DOG BY DOG feature, documentary

  • STATUS: In production
  • THE LOW DOWN: Julie is executive producer for this new documentary project with 5414 Productions, the company we made A Second Knock at the Door with. This documentary explores the current state of puppy mills in the USA, the laws that allow them to exist, and a dedicated group of people determined to save every abandoned puppy mill dog, one at a time. More info here and here.


  • STATUS: In development.
  • THE LOW DOWN: We’re working on this script for LA-based indie director Zak Forsman of SABI (Down and Dangerous, Heart of Now, I F*cking Hate You). Updates soon.

UNTITLED MELODRAMA feature, melodrama

  • STATUS: In development.
  • THE LOW DOWN: We’re working on this script for NYC-based indie director Gary King of Kitchen Table Films (How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song?, What’s Up Lovely?, Dismal). Updates soon.

DOWN AND DANGEROUS feature, action thriller

  • STATUS: In post-production
  • DESCRIPTION: Drug smuggler Paul Boxer prefers to work alone, but when a blast from his past shows up and forces his hand, he must choose between self-preservation, love, and loyalty.
  • OUR ROLE: We did an uncredited rewrite on this script, giving the Kfink touch to specific characters and their dialogue.
  • WHAT’S NEXT? We’re excited to see writer/director Zak Forsman (SABI Company) bring out this movie for its big debut. We’ve seen a rough cut, and it. is. good.


THE THROWAWAYS webseries, gritty teen drama

  • STATUS: In post-production
  • DESCRIPTION: In this time of ‘It Gets Better,’ Olivia gets a rude awakening when her mother discovers her special relationship with her best friend. Faced with the threat of being sent to de-gaying camp, Olivia strikes out on her own for the first time, finding friends, foes, and flirtation within a group  of  lesbian outcasts.
  • OUR ROLES: We wrote it, yo! And Jessica directed the webseries.
  • WATCH: Trailer
  • WATCH: Episode 4: “Room for One More?” for free!
  • WHAT’S MORE? The mini-webseries “Meet the Throwaways” was released exclusively via the lesbian web magazine All the episodes of “Meet the Throwaways” are available for free on now.
  • FULL SERIES AVAILABLE AT: in the Premium Content section

I HATE TOMMY FINCH 2012, web series, romantic drama

A SECOND KNOCK AT THE DOOR 2011, feature, documentary

  • DESCRIPTION: A rare glimpse into the lives of military families dealing with the loss of loved ones to friendly fire, including cases in which the families were forced to embark on a quest for the truth that the Army wanted to cover up. Produced by 5414 Productions.
  • OUR ROLES: Jessica King = writer & producer; Julie Keck = Assoc. Producer + Social Media & Film Festival Consultant
  • WATCH: Available for instant viewing via Netflix & Hulu; DVD available at Amazon
  • WATCH: Trailer

WHO KNOWS HER BETTER 2011, game show

TILT 2010, feature film, small town thriller

  • DESCRIPTION: When the unthinkable happens to his daughter, a man must decide between doing the right thing and setting things right.
  • OUR ROLE: Screenwriters + Crowdfunders
  • WATCH: Trailer
  • STATUS: Shot in 2010; Currently in-post production (Phil Holbrook, director)

BETTY 2010, short film, dark comedy

  • LOGLINE: There’s more to Betty than the convenience shop she runs. Much more. Cue the violins. And the mayo.
  • OUR ROLE: Screenwriters; Edited by Jessica King

ANXIETY ACRES 2010, short film, comedy

  • LOGLINE: When Casey moved Kevin to the country, she hoped he’d find peace and quiet; instead he found new things to worry about: zombies, hitchhikers, and chocolate cake.
  • OUR ROLE: Everything. We did all of it. Except for the acting and the cake baking.
  • HONOR: Official Selection of the 2010 Bare Bones Film Festival
  • WATCH: Trailer

SOUND SLEEPER 2009, short film, warped family comedy

  • LOGLINE: Everyone goes to bed, but not everyone sleeps.
  • OUR ROLE: Everything. We did everything.
  • WATCH: Sound Sleeper

SNOW BUNNY 2009, short film, warped family drama

  • LOGLINE: Dean and Abigail have made all the right choices. So why aren’t they happy? Tensions build and tempers flare over the course of one long winter day.
  • OUR ROLE: We made the whole she-bang. Wrote it, directed it, shot it, edited it.
  • HONORS: Official Selection of Lakedance International Film Festival 2009; Nominated for Best Drama at the Lakedance International Film Festival 2009; Official Selection of Queens International Film Festival 2009; Official Selection of EgoFest Short Film Festival 2010
  • WATCH: Trailer

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