• LOGLINE: A jaded single woman drags her unwitting family to Vegas to track down the serial killer who passed her by for her hotter, blonder friend.
  • GENRE: Dark Comedy
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “Bridesmaids” meets “Dexter” in a back alley
  • HONORS: Finalist in the 2012 Persona Non Grata Contest: “truly exemplary”
  • STATUS: Available

 “HOLY TOKES” (FEATURE) – Adapted from a raunchy memoir by Kevin Keck

  • LOGLINE: After Kevin moves home after a leisurely stroll through upper-academia, the only thing he’s successful at is getting his mother’s dog hooked on pain killers. He’s still trying to figure out where this fits on his resume.
  • GENRE: Slacker Comedy
  • WHAT IT IS LIKE? “Every Judd Apatow Movie” gets high and goes to church with “Arrested Development”
  • STATUS: Available
  • More Information


  • LOGLINE: When Kate’s baker girlfriend abandons her for a sassy reality TV chef, she can barely keep her cafe open. Interventions from her quirky customers help her stay afloat, but when fresh-faced Callie comes to town, will Kate be ready to invite her into her life, or just her kitchen?
  • GENRE: Romantic Comedy
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “A Yet-To-Be-Made Amazing Lesbian Rom Com” meets “Top Chef”
  • HONORS: Finalist in the Great Lakes International Film Festival 2009; Semi-Finalist for the 2009 Outfest Screenwriting Lab; Quarter-finalist for the 2009 BlueCat Screenplay Competition
  • STATUS: Optioned


  • LOGLINE: Paul hasn’t connected with his daughter for over 10 years, but when their world is turned upside down by an unthinkable act, he has to decide what’s more important: doing the right thing or setting things right?
  • GENRE: Thriller
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “Fargo” sucker punches “Unforgiven”
  • STATUS: On the film festival circuit
  • Honors: Best editing at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, 2013
  • Website / Teaser Trailer


  • LOGLINE: When recent college grads Marco and Vivian try to escape real life by traveling to China, they battle vermin, struggle with culture shock, fall in love with the same woman, and learn unexpected lessons about love, loyalty, and international immigration law.
  • GENRE: Drama / Comedy
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “Lost in Translation” hugs “Kissing Jessica Stein”…with its legs
  • STATUS: Available


  • LOGLINE: What happens to the daughters of those long-suffering mothers of melodramas gone by? Nothing good.
  • GENRE: Edgy, modern melodrama
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “Far From Heaven” trying to ground “Tiny Furniture”
  • STATUS: Available.


  • LOGLINE: The perfect plan, the perfect team, the perfect opportunity for betrayal.
  • GENRE: Erotic Heist Thriller
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “Bound” making out with “The Disappearance of Alice Creed”
  • STATUS: Available


  • LOGLINE: A troubled girl in the inner city finds hope in a pair of magic glasses.
  • GENRE: Urban Fairy Tale
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “Alice in Wonderland” climbs up a tree just out of the reach of “I Am Legend” 
  • HONORS: First place in Round 1 of the NYC Midnight Screenwriter’s Challenge 2009; Semi-finalist in the 2010 Canadian Short Screenplay Competition
  • STATUS: Available


  • LOGLINE: When quips and charm fail, a tardy suitor goes head over heels to prove his devotion.
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “Bringing Up Baby” swats “Secretary” on the derriere
  • HONORS: First place in Round 1/Challenge 1 of the NYC Midnight Screenwriting Championships 2008
  • STATUS: Available


  • LOGLINE: A lonely woman curating a Titanic exhibit discovers that the doomed passengers have something much bigger in store for her.
  • GENRE: Horror
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “The Ring” vacations on the “Titanic”
  • HONORS: First place in Round 1 / Challenge 2 in the NYC Midnight Screenwriting Championships 2008
  • STATUS: Available


  • LOGLINE: The tenuous bond between a father and son is tested when zombies take over the South Pole.
  • GENRE: Horror
  • WHAT IS IT LIKE? “Night of the Living Dead” dukes it out with “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid”
  • COMPETITION: NYC Midnight Screenwriting Championships 2008
  • STATUS: Available