Other Series

Since 2012, we've written, directed, and/or produced over a dozen web series. While most of our current work can be found on OTV - Open Television (a platform for art and television by queer, trans and cis-women, and people of color), you can see a few of the trailers for our past work below.

#Hashtag Series Seasons One & Two

Written by & starring: Caitlin Bergh & Laura Zak

Directed by: Jessica King

Season Two: Friend. Follow. Like. Fall. In #Hashtag Season Two, friends Liv & Skylar try to reconcile the impulse to over-share with a chance at true connection. While Skylar combats heartbreak by pursuing internet fame, Liv juggles her IRL girlfriend with an online flirtation that's about to get just as real.

Season One: Friend Me. Follow Me. Like Me. Fall for Me. #Hashtag follows the love lives of two technology-obsessed best friends in Chicago. From Instagram seduction to inappropriate selfies, Twitter oversharing to OKCupid dating, Liv and Skylar are about to learn the real-life consequences of over-indulgence in the virtual world.

Plus One

Written by and starring: Danielle Owens-Reid & Mo Welch

Director: Jessica King


Created & Written by: Julie Keck & Jessica King

Starring: Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard (The People's Couch) and Abby McEnany

Best friends Sam and Alex, both recently single, have found the perfect apartment. But there's a catch: they have to convince their neighbors that they're a couple to keep it.

The neighbors

A mini-sode series supplement to Roomies.

The Throwaways

Written by: Julie Keck & Jessica King

Directed by: Jessica King

Starring: Ashley Anderson, Bridget McManus & Fawzia Mirza (Signature Move)

Newly out teen Olivia loses her family, her home and her future in one fell swoop when she's taken in by a resilient group of lesbian misfits, things can only get better. Right?